The tasting aims to individualize the sensations in order to analyze, order, interpret and communicate them. Know how to recognize the aromas and nuances of a bom azeite or first step to enter two more exciting gastronomic exercises

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  • Do not use perfume the day you are going to taste.
  • Wash with mild soap.
  • Do not smoke at least 30 minutes before the tasting.
  • Do not take food or drinks (except water), at least 1 hour before.
  • Refrain when there are alterations of the respiratory tract (colds, allergies …)


For the tasting we use special dark glass glasses, since the color does not have a direct correlation with the organoleptic characteristics.

Tasting sequence:


  1. Tilt and rotate the cup to wet the inner walls. Keep the glass covered.
  2. Uncover the glass. Smell the sample with gentle inspirations for 30 seconds.
  3. If no conclusion has been reached, rest for a couple of minutes and repeat the operation.
  4. Write down the aromas detected.
  5. Take a small sip of oil (about 3 ml).
  6. Distribute throughout the oral cavity.
  7. Inhale air through the mouth and perceive the flavor postnasally. Some olfactory notes will be confirmed and others that seemed very intense may decrease.
  8. The oil should slowly spread down the back of the tongue, towards the pillars of the palate and throat.
  9. Concentrate attention on the flavors that we will discover. A) sweet, B) bitter, C)acid (this would be a default to find) and D) spicy.
  10. Tactile sensation: consider fluidity and pastiness.

How to taste an oil at home?


What most resembles an oil tasting glass is a cognac glass, due to its similar shape to the tasting glass, it perfectly concentrates the volatiles.

To cover the glass we can use our own hand and to reach the adequate temperature of the sample, it is enough to place the glass in the palm of our hand while we rub it, generating heat.

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