“From respect for tradition to the daring of innovation”

About us

At Aceites Alguijuela we are a small agrarian family business, which has remained rooted in the cultivation of olive trees since time immemorial, as our centenary olive grove of the Verdial variety of Badajoz attests.

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We are in the town of Torremayor, within the fertile lands of Las Vegas Bajas del Guadiana and in the Region of Mérida, a land of millenary olive-growing tradition since the creation of the Roman capital “Emerita Augusta”. Proof of this is the presence of an oil mill in operation during the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. in the town of Torre-Águila, about 25 km from the Lusitanian capital and in the vicinity of the Iter ab Emeritam Olisipone (Roman road from Mérida to Lisbon) that supplied the precious liquid gold to the capital and its surroundings.

From the tradition of our ancestors we have learned admiration and love for nature. Understanding the importance of respecting the times in the creation processes and, above all, the strength to (like the olive tree) withstand periods of famine.

With this base of values we began in 2012 the modernization of our crops, looking for the most favorable soils for the new Arbequina and Arbosana plantations, making use of advanced fertigation systems and establishing our olive grove in the Integrated Production category.

At Aceites Alguijuela we are aware that in order to obtain a premium oil of the highest quality, climate, soil or variety factors are as important as the good design and dimensioning of our extraction plant. For this we have had the advice of proven engineers in the oil sector and we opted for the most advanced Italian technology of the Pieralisi brand. Alguijuela sets itself the challenge of achieving the highest quality in its EVOO, the oil that we offer here is the oil with which we feed our children, with which we want to see our offspring grow.

This is the oil that, with all our love and experience, we put in your hands today



<< I am stuck with both hands in this olive paste. May God, instantly, close the world to me like a book and say: it’s over; let the trumpet sound the call of the dead. I will appear at the final judgment caressing olives in my pockets, and if I have no pockets left, I will caress olives in my hands; if I have no hands left, I will caress olives on my bones; And if I don’t have any bones left, I’m sure I can find a way to keep caressing olives, if only in spirit. >>

Jean Giono


The Canchales reservoir is surrounded by meadows and some irrigated areas to the south. It is an idyllic environment for the life and breeding of a multitude of bird species. The reservoir has been included within the Special Protection Areas for Birds (ZEPA) and belongs to the Natura 2000 Network. It is considered a wetland of international importance.

In this irrigated area to the south of the reservoir is our arberquina olive grove, in the place known as Casarente. The planting frame is super-intensive in hedge. The Arbequino is an olive tree with low vigor and an open habit, with good productivity and little turnaround. We collect it early to obtain good quality oil and using a “grape harvesting” machine.

The Arbequina Extra Virgin has a fruity aroma of olive, apple, banana and almond. It is a fluid, smooth and sweet oil, in which there are hardly any bitter or spicy flavors, which makes it suitable for palates less accustomed to the taste of traditional olive oil.


Located in the heart of Vegas Bajas del Guadiana. This irrigated plot of just 5 hectares, belonging in its day to what was called the Badajoz Plan, preserves the original structures of said plan and houses our olive grove in a super-intensive hedge of the Arbosana variety. This olive tree is also of low vigor and high productivity.

It is harvested weeks after the Arbequino and provides us with a fruity EVOO, resistant to rancidity due to its high content of oleic acid (74%), with bitter and spicy medium-high intensity. It evokes smells of freshly cut grass, almond, tomato, walnut or artichoke. The flavors are persistent and pleasant.


La Verdial de Badajoz occupies an area of nearly 30,000 hectares in Spain, extending through the province of Badajoz and Cáceres, reaching as far as Portugal. It is our native variety and the queen of the house.

Our Verdial is located in the dry area of our Region. These olive trees are the root of our project, because here are our centenary olive groves.
Verdial de Badajoz is an olive tree of medium-high vigor, erect bearing and thick crown, little vecero and with high resistance to drought. It produces a large fruit, of high weight and with a high fat yield.

The Verdial de Badajoz oil is rich in linoleic acid and offers us EVOOs of medium-high fruity. Standing out on the palate due to the almond and ripe fruit tones. It has a pleasant and sweet flavor, with bitter and slightly spicy.

Location and history

The oil mill is located in the town of Torremayor (Badajoz). Strategic location because it is equidistant from all our olive groves, which allows us after the harvest, to carry out the transport from the field to the oil mill in a few minutes.

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It also has a good communications network and close to the main population centers such as Mérida and Montijo.

El nombre de Alguijuela, al igual que las palabras aceituna y aceite, proceden del árabe. Alguijuela means Camino de Guijos and is the name that the town received after the Arab invasion of Muza at the beginning of the 8th century. Name that it will keep until 1649, when the Alguijuela buys the title of Villa from Felipe IV and is renamed Villa de la Alguijuela del Conde. Later, at the end of that same 17th century and at the express wish of its inhabitants, it changed its name to the current Torremayor. Recalling that history and honoring that name, Aceites Alguijuela and its anagram were born.

“¡Ah! My dear Teo, if you saw the olive trees at this time! … The old silver foliage and verdant silver against the blue. And the orange tilled soil. It is something totally different from what is thought in the north, it is of a fineness, of a distinguished! The murmur of an olive grove has something very intimate, immensely old. It is too beautiful for me to dare to paint it or to conceive it. “


Lettres à son frère Thèo, Grasset – París 1994

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