As is known, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a multitude of health benefits.

On November 11, 2010, the UN declared the Mediterranean diet Intangible Heritage of Humanity and, with it, Olive Oil as its star product.

At Aceites Alguijuela we feel committed to quality, and this requires a strong conviction in what we do. How do we do it and for whom do we do it?

In order to fulfill this quality commitment, we guarantee the entire oil process. For this reason, we only make EVOO from our own olives, since this way we are sure that we can certify that the entire harvest comes solely and exclusively from Integrated Production.

Integrated Production is a high quality food production and transformation system that maintains the profitability and sustainability of farms, respecting the environment and guaranteeing the food safety demanded by today’s society.

Developed under Order June 29, 2010 of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, Integrated Production establishes the fundamental criteria to make a rational use of natural resources, maintain good crop health and prioritize biological and cultural methods over agrochemicals. . This work is subject to the prescription and supervision of a specialized technician.

We seek to achieve a reduction in the use of pesticides and other chemical substances, improve the management of the different tasks, as well as find the ideal moment to carry them out. Everything to achieve a healthy and extremely quality product.

Responding to the initial question, we prepare our EVOOs for those people who are committed to Health, Well-being and care for the Environment.




During the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) in Marrakesch 2016, various studies demonstrated that olive cultivation together with the adoption of appropriate agronomic practices can increase the CO2 fixation capacity of the atmosphere in vegetative structures permanent (biomass) and in the soil.

According to these studies, to produce 1 liter of olive oil, we have to emit 1.5 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere throughout the life cycle of the product. To produce that same liter of oil, the olive grove fixes around 11.5 kilograms of CO2 in the soil. The balance is clearly positive, of about 10 kilograms of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.